Out of Body Fitness played a key role in helping with paving my way toward victory and achieving not just the physical strength, but mental, spiritual and emotional strength as well-Edgar is more then just a coach or personal trainer, he is a friend an encourager and a believer in something greater then himself, someone who will not let you give up when you feel like you want to!! I have been able to achieve many accomplishments from Championship Titles in Mixed Martial Arts to State Titles because of Out of Body Fitness’s MMA program and its interpretation as to what it takes to become an optimal athlete, thanks Edgar. -Jason Belyew

When I first started taking classes, I could barley do a couple push ups, couldn’t do a chin up, and could barely button my jeans. I have now been going little over a year, and I can do chin ups and push ups with out a problem, lost 20 lbs, several inches from my thighs, and 3 pant sizes. Not only is my shoulder and knee pain gone, but I can run and bike better then I thought I ever could. The strength and endurance I gained with Edgar’s motivation, and the change in my body even motivated my husband to join- he’s been going for 3 months now. Having a group of friends to work out with and help motivate you, along with Edgar, has helped me been able to reach, and go beyond my goals. I feel great, and keep going back for more! – Jenny Quick

In order to physically function optimally,cardio and strength training is needed. Most of the time we don’t achieve the results we want because we lack the drive, focus and motivation to push ourselves past our comfort zone, a theory needed in all aspects of life. Working with Edgar, as opposed to working out by myself, made me realize I could be doing a lot more than I thought was needed, and that I could push myself harder than I thought I was capable of. He taught me I did need to do more and I was capable of more than I gave myself credit for, pushing me more than I would have pushed myself. Edgar’s bootcamp is designed to work all muscle groups in balance with strict emphasis on form, which is essential to prevent injury. I’ve gained an enormous amount of muscle strength, endurance and focus. I went from not being able to do a single chin up to being able to do 10 & I can deadlift 235 pounds! I weighed 106 lbs when I began and have gained 10 pounds from building muscle. My overall energy is greater working out regularly with Edgar than it was working out regularly by myself. Doing these workouts here with others is encouraging. When you see others pushing themselves, it drives you to push yourself as well. Thank you, sensei Edgar! Ellen Kohlin

Fitness had always been a priority in my life until I was single, pregnant, and giving birth to a 10 pound baby via c-section with my stomach muscles severed in the process. I gained 80 lbs during my pregnancy; I went from 145 lbs up to 225 lbs. After giving birth, I went down to 195 lbs (I’m 5’8”) and began to work out periodically over the course of the next few years with my weight fluctuating between 185 and 195.

I was in a state of mind where I figured one of two things would occur: 1) I would need to accept that I was overweight and stop complaining about it or 2) Get off my a#@ and do something about it.

I hired Edgar in November 2011 and by July 2012 I had lost 35.5 total inches and 50 lbs. Not to mention my body fat percentage is now in excellent range for my age group.

There are two critical differences in utilizing a regular trainer found at a typical “chain” fitness center versus someone who encompasses his entire life to educating himself on fitness:

1. There is no routine. You are not placed on a machine and told to do 3 sets of 15. Each workout varies, with minor similarities, so that the results come fast and they come quick.
2. Edgar also provided the nutritional and supplement guidance that I needed and although it took me two months to really and truly adhere to the healthier way of eating, the weight began to pour off me once I did.

It took me 8 months, but after all is said and done, my body looks better than it did before I got pregnant. I am continuing to train with Edgar so that I can compete in fitness competitions and achieve goals I never thought possible. Christie Zehelein

Before I began training with Edgar, I struggled with committing to a consistent gym routine. I would notice that I was not feeling or looking good and I would run to the nearest gym and sign up for a membership. I would go every day for a few weeks, then I would get burnt out, make excuses and ultimately stop going. I also struggled with my diet. I have never been a yo-yo or fad diet person, but as I moved into my mid-twenties, I knew something had to change with the food I was eating. With my job, I would come home exhausted and cooking was the last thing I had in mind. There were so many night when my fiancé and I would order pizza or eat incredibly unhealthy.

Working with Edgar holds me accountable to visit the gym multiple times per week. I am motivated to improve myself each week because I see the positive changes in my body and in the huge strides I make physically each time I go. I have also had so much more energy and no longer rely on the large coffee every morning to get me through. When I started working with Edgar, I knew I had to adjust not only the amount of exercise I was doing, but also what I was eating. He was always willing to give me advice about what I should be eating. With the combination of personal training and the Paleo diet, I was able to go from a size 8 to a size 2.

The thing about working every week with Edgar is that you will have real results; I cannot emphasize enough that it is not a gimmick. He challenges me mentally and physically with every visit, but I keep coming back each week because nothing is more encouraging than knowing I am getting stronger and healthier. My wedding is coming up in September, and I cannot wait to show off the progress I’ve made! Even after my wedding, I will continue to work with Edgar because I don’t ever want to fall back into my old ways! I want to continue to improve, get stronger, and continue a healthy lifestyle. Katie Waller

1. What did you struggle with before we met?
I struggled with working out regularly with high intensity, losing weight and keeping it off especially during stressful periods of time, and eating healthy meals to keep my metabolism working correctly.

2. Do you no longer struggle with it – or is it less?
Training regularly has become an integral part of my life. I really notice a difference in both the way I feel physically and mentally when I miss a couple of sessions. I need the sessions the most during stressful periods. I know that when I leave training for the day I may be tired but I always feel a lot better than when I arrived.

3. Lastly how do you feel mentally and physically now as oppose to before we met?
I have lost 17 pounds in 4 months and I feel really good about it. I am much stronger and can see the difference from one month to the next. I am eating healthier and have much more knowledge about how and why the training works. But it is so much more than that. Through training with Edgar I have learned so much about myself. How unhealthy habits in one area of your life effect all areas of your life in different ways. If you want to be healthier you must examine and make changes everywhere. He challenges you to achieve higher goals than you ever thought possible. I work harder because of his personal interest in my success…..I want to make him proud because my success is his success. Kim Pagels

Prior to meeting Edgard, I had a major struggle with motivation and being able to work out in any way. This was creating a very difficult mind body condition particularly after having played a sport in college. Now in my 40’s, motivation has been a major struggle. Over the past 6 months, that paradigm has completely reversed, in that, I constantly look forward to working out – the motivation is there. Motivating myself has become monumentally easier from Edgard’s training resulting in greatly improved overall fitness, health, weight and looks. I have taken at least 2 minutes off my mile time, both cholesterol and blood pressure numbers have improved by more than 20%, I have lost approx. 15 lbs, and have gone down from a 36 waist to a 34 waist. I am tremendously challenged from Edgard’s workout and feel, mentally and physically, fantastic after his workouts. I cannot wait until the next training day with this young, accomplished personal trainer. Most importantly to me, I no longer struggle with motivation or self improvement. I would highly encourage anyone, regardless of your current condition, to engage Edgard’s style of mixed physical training for overall mental and physical improvement. Tony Sidari

What I struggled with prior to joining Outofbodyfitness is the motivation and discipline to be committed to an exercise program. I needed a trainer that was well educated in the process of cross training, and that could develop the proper physical program for me to achieve the physical results I was looking for. Personally, I was looking to tone up a body that hadn’t exercised besides daily walks, in over 44 yrs. As a “non” athlete it was important for me to have the one on one supervision so that I was insured to avoid any injury that can result from exercising with poor form. Under the supervision and motivation of Edgar I was, and continue to be able to reach my goals both physically while pushing myself mentally. Signing up for his program has improved every aspect of my life. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who has ever contemplated wanting to improve themselves physically. Edgar will turn it into a reality for you. Katie Collins