Offseason Training Programs

We take your offseason goals seriously. We understand that gaining size & speed, can be challenging, and our goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. We analyze your sport & your goals, to create your individualized training plan.

Coaching Staff

Edgar Torres - Out Of Body Fitness

Edgar Torres Head MMA Coach & Gym Owner

Studied Under:

Keith Hackney
UFC fighter “The Giant Killer”
Created a hybrid fighting system incorporating Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate, Wrestling & Submission Grappling.
Coach Edgar studied under for 3 years
2-2 record with wins by KO

Adam Miller
Black Belt Brazalian Jui Jitsu under Pedro Sauer
Head BJJ Instructor at Team Curran
– Coach Edgar studied under for 1 year.

Issac Rigs
Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Pan American Champion
5 x NAGA Champion
2 x Nebraska BJJ Champion
2 x Grapplers Quest Champion
– Coach Edgar studied under for 1 year

Thomas M. O’Shaughnessy
Co-Owner of South Elgin Budokan
Black Belt Judo Instructor
Defensive Tactics Instructor
8th degree black belt in Judo
Competed in 1964 Olympics
60+ Years of Training
– Coach Edgar studied under for 2 years

jackson 072

Anthony Ernst Head Asst. MMA Coach, Kung Fu Fighter & Grappler

Training Credentials

BJJ Gi & No Gi, Southern Praying Mantis, Basic Shaolin Style, Dirty Boxing, JKD, Wing Chun, QiGung, Meditation, Iron Palm, Iron Vest, Strength Training, Isometric Training, Progressive Bodyweight Training & Wrestling. Studying/Practicing MMA for 20 years; Teaching for 7 years.
Knowledgeable in Chinese Medicine, Ancient Healing Techniques & Human Anatomy (Pressure Point, Breaks & Stuns)

Bruce LeeCreator of MMA Bruce Lee

Our Latest MMA Fighter

Here is a submission win by Dante DeBerry, one of the fighters training at Out Of Body Fitness.