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The holidays can be a little hectic. One may think that the gift of health & fitness would be popular. However feasting & buying gifts that will be outdated in 6 months is the norm. Exercise is usually the last thing on a lot of people’s mind.

The main excuse around the holidays is…”I have no time, I have to get through the holidays.” So if you don’t have time to start training till after the holidays, the obvious answer here is purchase something now, just to make sure you actually do what you say your going to do.

Another excuse is money, “I don’t have any money,” well if you look at where your spending money, that may not be the healthiest thing, like Starbucks or alcohol. Take that money & invest it in yourself, by hiring a personal trainer. Or maybe your kids don’t need a new Xbox right now & they can use an awesome role model instead!

Truth is everyone creates excuses, we just have to make sure we understand that they’re exactly that, excuses. Excuses that get in the way of us being the absolute best person we can be. Excuses that prevent us from being the person we we envision ourselves looking & feeling like.

Ultimately the only thing that’s stopping us from being committed to any goal, is us. The answer is to invest in yourself & surround yourself with like minded individuals, to help keep you on track at first, & then you do that for the next person, who maybe needing a little help, with their new year weight loss goals!