30 Minute Stretching

30 Minute Stretching

“Without struggle there is no progress” Fredrick Douglass

30 Minute Stretching Programs are when we use partner stretches to help you perform multiple stretches on a comfortable therapy table to gain the full effects of stretching.

The most effective benefits when properly executed include:

  • Running faster as a result of lengthening your stride.
  • Preventing injuries by keeping the length tension relationship in your muscles and joints optimally balanced.

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching yields the greatest change in range of motion, especially short-term. The reason behind the biomechanical benefit of PNF stretching points to muscular reflex relaxation found in the musculotendinous unit being stretched and it just feels good, too.

From athletes to seniors, we can all share from the benefits of flexibility.
Purchasing a service is for those individuals who want to reward themselves with something money can’t buy, health. The benefit of having a qualified professional by your side makes your transformation much more stream lined and successful.